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For all studio hire enquiries, please contact, with the following details: date, time, studio and nature of booking.

For any urgent enquiries, or enquires out of office hours - please call the studio directly on 020 4529 0371.

Please see below for more information on discounted rates offered for walk in bookings on the day!

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Jackson Studio

£47.50 per hour
1,502 sq feet
19.5m x 7.5m

Timberlake Studio

£42.50 per hour
957 sq feet
13.5m x 7.0m

Britney Studio

£40 per hour
820 sq feet
10.0m x 8.5m

James Brown Studio

£37.50 per hour
736 sq feet
10.0m x 7.0m

Astaire Studio

£37.50 per hour
720 sq feet
10.0m x 7.0m