For all studio hire enquiries, please contact, with the following details: date, time, studio and nature of booking.

For any urgent enquiries, or enquires out of office hours - please call the studio directly on 020 7587 1000

Please see below for more information on discounted rates offered for walk in bookings on the day!

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Jackson Studio

£47.50 per hour
1,502 sq feet
19.5m x 7.5m

Timberlake Studio

£42.50 per hour
957 sq feet
13.5m x 7.0m

Britney Studio

£40 per hour
820 sq feet
10.0m x 8.5m

James Brown Studio

£37.50 per hour
736 sq feet
10.0m x 7.0m

Astaire Studio

£37.50 per hour
720 sq feet
10.0m x 7.0m

Chaplin Studio

£32.50 per hour
490 sq feet
6.0m x 6.0m

Harlequin Sprung Floors

All our studios are fitted with high quality sprung floors through our associates HARLEQUIN, the leading specialists and suppliers in dance flooring.

Harlequin Floors is the world leader in advance technology flooring for dance, the performing arts, entertainment and display.


Harlequin have supplied, installed, and survey the latest sprung flooring to be introduced at BASE Studios.

A dance studio is essentially a dancer’s ‘work’ environment, the floor being the tool that is a fundamental part of their work. BASE Studios has worked closely with Harlequin Floors to survey and design the best sprung dance floors as making the correct choice is critical for minimizing injury risk to dancers and best performance.

Harlequin Activity™

BASE Studios will contain Harlequin Activity, which is a permanently sprung floor system, based on the well-established ‘triple sandwich’ construction originated by Harlequin over 30 years ago.


Harlequin Activity is shock-damped to avoid a ‘trampoline’ effect and provides area elasticity to offer identical characteristics across the whole floor. It is an ‘industry standard’ choice with many hundreds of installations worldwide, effectively reducing injuries to both teachers and performers.